Where to buy decent heels in Canada

If you are tired of paying for shipping, handling, and taxes from amazing US & international online stores like Nasty Gal, but still want to rock some kick-ass heels, here is the list of places I go to.


Steve Madden

Any one of my favourite heels are from here! They have a variety of heel sizes to meet your needs, ranging from 1 inch heels to sky-high. My feet are a bit wider, but I still find these heels comfortable! Honestly my go-to brand for shoes. I tend to see people rocking any one of their stable heels – like Carrson , if I am out for the night!

Nine West

Like Steve Madden, some of my favourite heels can be found here. I haven’t bought heels beyond 3 inches, but so far they are very comfortable. They tend to have great discounts as well, especially for the upcoming season (yes, you can actually shop ahead a bit here to get all your needs for the season). I bought my mustard yellow sandals before us Canadians could even say summer really started!

Nordstorm | Designer Shoe Warehouse | Town ShoesThe Bay

I am grouping these together as they are ideal places if you want more options, more sizes and also some great discounts! I will go to any of these for a shopping trip. Sometimes spending more hours than I should. I even noticed that DSW sales section carries styles from last years-but-now-current-season heels, with even more discounts that you can still rock! I always check online at these places before heading out to double check I get the best discount and know which place to head to first!



Again like the above, great stores to go for more options, but they do limit what they sell to different locations. I do end up going to both if they are within the same location (perhaps they do this strategically so you buy more..). You can find really great heels here with some digging around. I found a Steve Madden sandal from a past season from Marshalls and I cannot stop wearing them now two summers in a row!

These places of course also sell more than great heels, but I am not going to pretend to be an expert of anything that doesn’t have at least 1 inches of heel.

Did I miss any stores you go to? What’s your favourite place? Which places have the best deals in your area?


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