Where to Put Everything in Your Bedroom

Although I do adore a minimalist bedroom, and how serene the room appears, this is not realistic for me. I am a clothes, shoes, and purse hoarder…and I just own more jewelry than one jewelry box can hold. So what’s a girl to do?

If you also have been searching online for different ‘organizational hacks’, ‘beauty, clothes, accessory organization’ or just ‘small bedroom organization’ and haven’t read anything completely ground-breaking or something you can actually implement, then keep reading. Here is your plan of action.


First, de-clutter as much as you can!

I know this is one of the most-read and basic advice on the internet when it comes to organizing your stuff. However, do this monthly! You would be surprised how much you get rid of when you have a de-clutter mind-set. Don’t think of it as something you do once a year, because if you are a hoarder, you’re probably still buying stuff!

Go through your closet, and whatever else you are hoarding. Decide if you have used it in the past year or two. If you haven’t, give yourself a deadline of one-two weeks to use it. If you don’t use it by your deadline, sell it or donate it! We have a Plato’s Closet in my area that purchases gently used brand name clothing. Or you can always donate it to a women’s shelter nearby if they are need of the items.

Do this for three months. After, look around your bedroom and see how much of your furniture you still need. After all this de-cluttering, is there furniture in your room that are no longer useful or not as full as they once were? Time to start planning another way to put the stuff from the no-longer useful furniture, into something you may already have or something that holds multiple things! Here is where the fun really begins.

Storage solutions that don’t have an open concept

Look around your room. Did you read an article online that told you to put all your stuff on a shelf? Do you have jewelry organized all over the top of your dresser(s) or vanity? Does it look organized or cluttered? If having all your stuff organized in this fashion, makes it appear you have more stuff than you do (or maybe the right amount, because yeah, you are a hoarder…), time to start finding solutions that have doors or are within drawers.

Here are some furniture ideas that maintain an organized appearance on the outside …


  • Cubed Storage – I have a 8 cubed-storage organizer at the end of my bed, and you would be surprised how much you can put into each cube with a cube storage bin. This is what I put in each storage bin: Pjs, bathing suits, feminine necessaries, perfumes, camera lenses/camera, pantyhoses/socks, candles/books, and snacks!
  • Wall-Mounted Jewelry Organizer With Doors – because having a lot of different jewelry hangers or jewelry boxes on top of your dresser can easily look messy! This is also a great DIY project if you are handy or know someone who can help you!
  • Stack-able Acrylic Plastic Makeup Organizer With Drawers – The drawers could be separated by: eyeshadow palettes, blushes/bronzers/highlighters, lip products, and brushes.
  • Under-Bed Storage – Plastic Drawers OR Boxes. I put my sweaters in them during the winter, and exercise wear/sweatpants year round. This is also great for your pjs!
  • Closet Storage – Cubed/Shoe/Shelf Storage – and I don’t mean built-in wall mounted closet storage solutions. Find a cubed storage or a shoe shelf that can fit into your closet below your clothes rack. I have a shoe organizer inside where I keep my flats, smaller purses, and I also have bins to hold my beauty products!
  • Vanity With Drawers & Drawer Storage Underneath – because there is never enough room to find where to put your beauty products!

Minimizing open-concept storage solutions

Now that you have de-cluttered and for the most part stored your stuff away, you can choose which items you want to have on display in your room.


Now that you don’t have as much stuff in your immediate eye-view, you can be selective on a few things you want to use as decor. You can choose to have a few of our favourite hoarding items on display, or actual display items.

I personally like having my heels on display (otherwise I really won’t wear them), and having a few purses that go with my overall room theme. On top of that I also have my sunglasses in a glass-display case I keep on my end table.


Ultimately at this point you can start decorating and choosing a theme, without all the clutter!

How do you keep all your stuff organized?

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