8 More Beauty Tricks Every Woman Should Know

  1. Don’t pull your eyelids while doing your makeup – you’re stretching your skin in the long-term and it will get harder to apply later!
    • close your eyes instead, and open periodically when necessary.
  2. Forgot to wash your make-up brushes ahead of time? Just grab a makeup remover wipe, and clean away!
  3. When doing your own eyebrows, do it in two sittings, so you don’t accidentally over pluck!
    • when doing your eyebrows, focus on how your eyebrow is angled, and how each hair helps to form your shape. Look for pieces that make up the base of your shape (don’t pluck these!!). Ultimately your first sitting should be about getting the extras underneath/between, and not the hair’s near your shape.
  4. Pull your hair away from your face when applying your face makeup. This helps you cover every area of your hair line, and to avoid getting makeup in your hair.
  5.  Use cold water on the last rinse of washing your hair – this helps to avoid frizz and adds shine!
  6.  If you are looking to brighten your skin: drink more water, and add more fruits/veg to your diet. Use a re-usable bottle with a straw – it helps you drink more water during the day! DON’T ever use lemon on your face – it is way too acidy for your delicate skin! It could create holes in your skin.
  7.  Keep makeup remover wipes handy. I use this the most during the weekend when I’m rushing to get ready for bed.
  8. Figure out what works best for your skin. Not everyone’s skin will react the same to products, and your skin will react differently to products over time. Finding the right products for your skin will take patience. Seek a dermatologist when necessary ; don’t rely on others’ advice – bloggers don’t necessarily have any credible expertise!

What tips have you tried?

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