Quick Outfit Ideas For the Girl on the Go

You decide to make a spontaneous plan to head out to a local event that night and have only an hour to get ready. If you are like me, then you are already digging your way through a pile of clothes on the floor or venturing to your closet sifting through the shirts/dresses 3 times over.

First: read my Go-To Shopping Tricks for Women post follow point “Go in knowing what you need vs. want” & “Shop Ahead” because if you followed this advice you should already have items that match your lifestyle and those need items that will provide basic necessity for an outfit, like that basic black heel.

Then follow this guide on how to put together a fabulous outfit quickly.


Decide if this is an event that would be acceptable to wear your best dark wash jeans or if you have to opt for a skirt/trousers.

  • I have more tops than I do bottoms, so I have to choose my bottoms first and then a top to pair with it. Otherwise, I might have a top with a cut that looks frumpy, or boxy with the limited bottoms I own. Know what you have more of – it is way more flexible!

You found the perfect bottoms, now what on earth should you wear on top?



Do these bottoms have enough details on them, that it would be overbearing to pair with any patterned top you own? Opt for a plain black/white tank/t shirt. Add some heels to balance the simple top. If you refuse to wear heels, find your most detailed flats – like flats with straps going up the ankle, or flats with costume jewellery on it. If you do not own any detailed flats, wear a bold purse – one that either compliments the bottoms colours or adds a contrast.



Are your bottoms plain or just dark wash jeans? Now is that new top you bought months ago time to shine! If you are wearing a dark wash jeans, enhance it by adding a top with a great cut! You can also wear a top with a fun pattern. Wear heels that compliment or contrast the top.

downplaydressesandrompersEven a dress or a dressy romper can save you time and frustration. You can always down-play a dress by adding flats or booties if you are attending a more causal event.


A few other things:

  • Repeating an outfit can never go wrong!
  • Don’t forget the power of curling/straightening your hair and adding a bold lip does to a simple black attire. Add some cheeky shoes to the mix and you are gold
  • Even if you running out of time and you are still not happy with your outfit, a confident attitude always looks the best :)!


Keep an eye out for future #ootd posts using these tips, because I never plan my outfits and my plans are generally spontaneous; anyone else like this?




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