My Top Scents Of All Time

I almost put all my Marc Jacobs perfumes in this post, but I refrained myself because Victoria’s Secret & The Body Shop have some great scents too. I decided to include a body butter because the smell is the absolute best! I recently bought the body mist in it, and it is phenomenal! I carry it in my purse everywhere I go.
I love fruity and floral scents. I am not a huge fan of musky, vanilla, or woody scents. I rarely explore new scents, so If I see any of these on sale, I buy a back up!
The Body Shop Grapefruit & Raspberry – both smell like their names, but are not too overbearing like Satsuma or Chocomania by The Body Shop. I love just about all their smells, but these two are my go-to smells. I also love that these smells pair nicely with my Marc Jacob perfumes.
Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Diamonds – just about all the smells from their Bombshell line smell great, but the Diamonds has a sweet, citrus smell to it that I love. When I first bought this perfume, the smell did not last long. After owning it for a few years now, the smell seems to last longer than before, perhaps because it got older?
Marc Jacobs Oh Lola! – This perfume makes me excited for spring and summer. There are a lot of fruity notes that come from this perfume! It is a sweeter smell, but not too overbearing.
Marc Jacobs Eau So Fresh – There are hints of grapefruit and raspberry in this perfume (no wonder I love it so much). the smell is fresh and light overall. It doesn’t seem to last very long on myself however – it’s still one of my go-to scents when I’m on the go.

What scents can you not live without? What accords do you gear towards?

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