8 Beauty Tips Every Woman Should Know


  1. Always have hand sanitizer on your vanity – keep your hands clean before you touch your face and beauty products! Otherwise you will be putting whatever bacteria/oil from your hands to your face, and contaminate your collection.
  2. Use eyeshadow to fill in your brows. If you are on a budget, and tend to switch your hair colour, sometimes it is easier to use what you have than to purchase an eyebrow filler (which is basically eyeshadow) every time you dye it. I used Naked Palette 1 ‘Buck’ when I bleached my hair and dyed it caramel. It made my eyebrows match my hair colour perfectly!
  3. Use eyeshadow as a highlighter – only if you use it in smaller areas and on rare occasions. Otherwise, you should just get a highlighter and not waste your eyeshadow. I used ‘Sin’ from Naked Palette 1 before I bought a highlighter.IMG_0970
  4. First time trying out a liquid eyeliner? Use the felt tip. This is how I taught myself to master the cat eye. If you try using the longer brushes, you will get frustrated. Longer brushes are harder to control where you want the eyeliner to go.
  5. Put on lip balm before anything else. This allows enough time for it to set, and your lips will be at the perfect moisture to apply a smooth layer of your lipstick/gloss. I find some lip balms need time to be soaked in otherwise your lipstick/gloss don’t apply as well or last long.
  6. Apply moisturizer right after your shower- especially if you enjoy hot showers. Your skin will dry out from the heat. With that being said,  apply your moisturizer right after you cleanse (which your body does during a hot shower).
  7. Condition only the ends of your hair – less oil build up by your roots. Conditioner does not damage your hair, so don’t be afraid to toss a bit in a spray with water on the days you are not washing your hair.
  8. Do not get caught up on hype products. Learn to appreciate what you already own. When you are rushing to the next trending beauty product, you barely even get a chance to use what you already own. Unless you truly feel like your collection needs it, then have at it! Just don’t create an overwhelming amount of stock you will never use.

What are your ultimate beauty tricks and tips?


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